We are no longer accepting music with lyrics

We get way too many submissions of poor quality music that will never sell.  Please screen yourself well and save yourselves and us lots of time.

If you’d like to be considered for the monkhood, please keep in mind that you must own 100% of the copyright of all work submitted and the master rights to the recording.  If you need a refresher on how copyrights and revenue streams for you work, this is an excellent brief article and chart.

How The Music Store Works

Our production music library offers a fast, easy way for visual creatives such as Indie Filmmakers, Ad Agency producers, Flash animators, Corporate video producers, etc. to find and use high quality music in their productions. Our clients purchase a license for the synchronization rights to put your music to their images.

You as the Composer are able to earn a percentage of this licensing fee AND in some cases (broadcast) you can earn performance royalties paid through your performance rights society (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PRS, etc.)

Upon Acceptance

  • You will have an additional revenue stream from work already created and under-utilized
  • Non-exclusive – you can sell your music to anyone else at anytime. Just let us know if you sign an exclusive deal somewhere else so we can remove your track(s).
  • Equitable profit sharing – 50/50% net income split (after credit card processing fees and any commissions to affiliate sites)
  • Payments – We pay you  EVERY MONDAY  – if you had any sales the week prior.
  • Publicity – your name or your artist name or if you prefer, you can use a nom de plume.
  • On our list for custom scoring opportunities with advertising agencies, film studios, independent producers and more.
  • We reserve the right to choose tracks, presentation, editorial comments, genre description.
  • We reserve the right to set prices
If and when your music gets accepted, there is a considerable amount of work on your part to upload, tag, write descriptions and ensure proper titling to be found in this very competitive business.  If you are not willing to do this on your own, please do not submit.


Samples should not sound like samples. Electronics should not sound synthy unless intended. You should have a studio where you can produce music quickly to a creative brief. You can work in any sequencing environment you like (LogicPro, ProTools, DigitalPerformer, Nuendo, etc) as long as you can produce high quality results.  

What We’re Looking For

(July 2015)  Here’s some of the stuff that’s most in demand.

  • Upbeat, positive, and happy music for backgrounds of corporate, advertising or web videos.
  • Cinematic music for trailers
  • Orchestral film cues with real orchestral instruments – or samples that sound extremely real
  • Love songs for a wedding video
  • Corporate soundtracks in the vein of Coldplay, U2

Note:  After payment, you will be directed to a submission form.  After submission, please be patient.  We’re a small company, not a corporate juggernaut.

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